EliteHax Beginners Guide

A guide I created to help new players with getting started

I have written this guide to help give you a better understanding of how the game works

Ok to start with you will find it helpful to upgrade the GPU as this will increase the money you earn when completing missions which is then going to help with doing further upgrades as being a "noob" you are going to struggle gaining money through hacking at first until you have done some upgrades to the scanner and either malware or exploit or maybe a little of both?

The next thing that is essential to upgrade is the Ram as this will give you more slots to run further upgrading Tasks (max is 16)

being able to run more tasks will help to gain score points and progress up the leaderboard

Upgrading the Hardware and Internet will help with decreasing the time it takes to complete your upgrades and upgrading the Cooling System will increase the amount of time available for Overclocks (+12 mins per level) with a max of

3 hrs once you have reached level 10

When you have money spare use it to upgrade the mission centre as when you reach level 3 you can run 2 missions at once and when you have reached the maximum level of 5 you can then run 3 missions at once

Once you have completed missions you will gain xp points that will help you to progress towards the next level and when you do advance up a level you will gain 1 skill point to then use on the skill tree (1 point per level)

The skill tree will give you the opportunity to add bonus enhancements/features that will help with aiding both your offensive and defensive strategies

The web server is the most vulnerable followed by the app and db servers so always try and keep the web server the highest followed by the app and db server accordingly

Upgrading the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) will assist in protecting your servers (assets) and the Siem will help with detecting incoming attacks (attackers ip etc) and of course the AV will protect you from malware attacks

You can also receive an hourly income by using your Botnet and you can also implant Rats on people as well to basically spy on them and then maybe plan future attacks?

The Hack Tournament Rewards are based on 200 people and 50 crews entering with the amount of Cryptocoins being adjusted accordingly when the number of players and crews are lower

At the end of a Tournament you will receive Cryptocoins that are shared between all members of the Crew as well as individual rewards

Useful links:

The official Elitehax webpage:https://www.elitehax.it

Elitehax Tutorial:https://app.elitehax.it/tutorial

Bug reports & Feedback: admin@app.elitehax.it

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